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Join the Hometown V.I.P. Loyalty Program

Hometown Loyalty Program Disclaimer

  1. Cost of Hometown V.I.P membership is $10, not necessary for gift card purchases.
  2. The ten dollars is put directly on the card when it is activated.
  3. Cards will be activated with-in 24 hours or the next business day.
  4. Memberships that remain inactive for a period of 1 year will be terminated.
  5. Hometown VIP rewards can only be earned when the member pays the bill.
  6. Rewards are earned for dollars spent excluding tax and gratuity.
  7. Rewards do not accumulate for offsite events or caterings.
  8. Rewards do not accumulate when you purchase a gift card.
  9. Rewards are not awarded for special discounted events or coupons.
  10. Members reward balance will be available on the bottom of the guest check.
  11. The balance does not include rewards for your current visit, those rewards will be shown on your next visit.
  12. Rewards accumulate beginning at a rate of 3% for each dollar spent.
  13. Member must present Hometown VIP card to apply rewards.
  14. Hometown rewards are not transferable.
  15. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced.
  16. We reserve the right to add or withdraw participating restaurants, to make changes in the rules, audit or cancel your account, or terminate the program at any time without advance notice.
  17. Federal and State tax liabilities are the responsibility of the cardholder.
  18. Member must be 18 years of age to be eligible.